Ryan & Zach, Zach & Ryan {Bellingen Coffs Harbour Wedding Photographer}


Zach & Ryan traveled from where they now live in Belgium to wed near to where Ryan grew up – it was two days of celebrating with their friends & family & the legal follow up to Wedding 1.0 which had taken place in Greece earlier in the year. When Ryan & Zach entered the room at Cedar Bar, Bellingen they arrived to the loudest round of applause & joyful calling out that I have ever witnessed at a wedding. Their day was not about weddingy gimmicks or fanfare but truly about each other & their loved ones bearing witness to their union. It was also about these freaking AMAZING suits (try to top them if you dare). I’d like to include here some words from Ryan’s speech that really resonated with me & was personally a beautiful reminder of what marriage is all about- I think he says it best:

“Most of me wishes this speech could be just about Zach; but it’s not.


Marriage between two people in love is relatively new thing: For most of human history marriage was about survival or property or pregnancy.


And a marriage between two men in love is just about the newest rarest type of marriage going. There are more countries which would jail us for this wedding than would legally endorse it.


We weren’t allowed to get legally married in Greece, to give just one example. We weren’t allowed to do it here in Australia even one year ago.


Because of that I didn’t grow up expecting to find love. I certainly didn’t expect to fill a former church with all of you to witness it, and I bet some of you never expected to be at a wedding between two blokes.


So that is a big journey too. When we start dancing, remember how far we HAVE ALL come in order to build and celebrate this love.

But maybe most importantly, a marriage isn’t just between two people. It’s also between those two people and their community: you. We didn’t just bring you here for a party. We brought you here because we trust you to help make us a kinder, stronger pair.

We’re so glad all these kids got to see it, the the completely normal but wonderful thing that it is. So they know that no matter who they are, or who they love, one day they can get married too”.




James & Georgia – Engaged {Coffs Harbour Sawtell Wedding Photographer}

It was almost like the sunrise knew we’d all gotten up early just to see it. The sky was scarred pink & red before the sun even rose, the water was warm & there was the perfect breeze blowing.  James & Georgia were such a blast to document & our early morning at the beach was followed by coffee & puppy cuddles at home. I just know they will make a beautiful life together.


The Family Parkin: the 2018 Edition {Coffs Harbour Family Photographer}

These guys know how to love. I never walk away from them without feeling better than when I arrived. Some families welcome me in & say “we trust you”. They do it with their actions & their words & I feel free to create around them rather than force anything upon them.

Documenting families in their homes is pretty much my favourite thing to do. When I think of the photos that stand out for me from my own childhood they are the ones of us at home, where mum is in the kitchen (with a perm), dad is sporting a sweet pair of stubbies or one where I think to myself, “I remember that lounge”. These were the rhythm of our days & the things I want to remember  forever. Your kids will too.


The Family Byrne: Luca {Coffs Harbour Family Photographer Pregnancy Baby}

I met with Teagan & Matt at the place they were married so we could document the next crazy thing happening in their lives. We spent a beautiful afternoon slowly wandering Eagles Rest Estate & talking about what they thought parenthood might be like & how excited they were for it to all just happen. Well it all happened the very next day & just ten day after that I was invited into their home to capture their amazing baby girl, Luca. Teagan & Matt are such wonderfully natural parents (not the case for all of us that’s for sure). We spent the time chatting about all things postpartum – including the stuff they don’t tell you about – & little Luca was treated to a milk bath & loads of LOVE.




The Bakers + Buja & Mae {Coffs Harbour Family Photographer/ Vintage Caravan}

The Baker Brood are a bunch of altogether too clever & nice individuals who make the best of their family time by squeezing themselves into their brilliantly refurbished vintage caravan, Mae the Millard. Mae is pulled along for the ride by Buja the Defender & together they are an unbeatable combination. We spent a beautiful Autumn evening on the beach a little while ago, toasting marshmallows & enjoying the warm weather, all too aware that Winter is around the corner. You can read more about Buja & Mae & the adventures of the Baker fam by hitting this linky poo & you can also check out how much these kids have grown by revisiting their previous session