Holiday to Big Town. Sydney

A long overdue trip to our one time home”town”, Sydney with the kidlets & Stelly the Wonder Dog in tow. First stop was Dave’s Aunt & Uncle’s place in North Sydney for a few days, during which time Dave shot back up to Newcastle for a NYE wedding at Tocal Homestead. Bike rides on the tennis court, swims with Great-Aunty Pam, playing with the cousins & loads of trips to check out the cars in Great-Uncle Nige’s garage were the preferred way for Hamish & Archer to spend their time. From here it was onward to the city for a few nights via the Shire (yes I realise it’s not exactly “via” the Shire) to drop off Stellar for some sleepovers at Aunty Megs & Uncle Treasure’s place. Bike-riding in Hyde Park, catch ups with friends, a visit to the Powerhouse Museum, seeing the world’s biggest bath toy & Darling Harbour fireworks were just a few of the things we packed in. Attempting to shop the David Jones sales with three little boys was NOT a highlight & instead rammed home how much I freaking LOVE internet shopping!!

The days following our city stint were filled by family time, including taking some really special images for extended family & a first meeting for Jude with his Great-Grandfather . We also spent one lovely night with old friends & their dear old dog, Gabriel who will always have a special place in our hearts & is the reason we have such a ridiculous dog ourselves!

We packed in so much & came home needing a holiday to recover from our holiday…SO WORTH IT!

corinne - These are the most amazing photos Leah.. I love every single one of them.. Beautiful!

This is ME (& how I like to shoot)!

Mother to three little men & one teeny lady, wife of photographer David Moore, teacher of high school History & photographer of families & small people. Lover of music, wine, jewellery, fabulous frocks & the stuff that other people throw away (I live for Council Clean-up)!

Despite being heavily involved in the photography business of my husband, for about a decade I did not seriously pick up the camera until about three years ago. Tired of my over-the-shoulder critiques & too time-poor to capture our own family’s story, Dave handed me the camera & told me, “do it yourself then” & so I did. I’ve not looked back.

I am COMPELLED to use my camera & will always find something to shoot.  I want to document the everyday activities & interactions between people that make them a family. My true desire is to capture individuals the way their loved ones see them. I want to hang out at your house & watch you all cook or go to the beach with you & the dog & have a swim. I want your kids to show me their special little treasures, most likely they will be the things you want to throw out! If you’ve got a baby belly I’m probably going to want to touch it & make completely random guesses about the gender! I don’t however, want to put your baby in a basket, a flower pot or a tiny suit! If that’s what you’re into then that’s cool, it simply means I’m not the right person to photograph your family.
If you’d like to hang out & have me take some snaps of your special ones then drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you,

Lee McDonald - Hi Leah,

A few of my friends have had wedding photography done by David and I love his relaxed style and awesome pics.

Just enquiring if you available for a family portrait session? The only chance my fam will get to catch up will be Saturday 27 December 2014?

Not sure if you will be working around this time, but it would be my parents and 3 brothers + 2 partners & 2 grandkids.

Pretty flexible with timing and any suggestions for location we are usually based near Sawtell.

Let me know if any of the above will work for you!