The Family Parkin & bump. {Pregnancy Family Coffs Harbour Sawtell} Sawtell

I really hope these four frames go even half way toward illustrating the AMAZING time I spent with the Parkin fam.

I pretty much broke the speed limit to get home & download the files from this shoot. It was everything I hope to continue as a photographer. A relaxed session starting in the family home, some chatter about life with kids & then on to a beautiful location. No rush, just a fun, chilled evening with likeminded people. They were so wonderful & were truly happy to trust & do whatever I asked of them.

It is truly ridiculously that anyone could look this freaking good with only two weeks to go before they give birth to their second baby.

Their full blog post will probably be way too long!!




Laura - just STUNNING Leah!!!!!

The sisters Maclaren make pretty cute kids! Coffs Harbour

This is the gorgeous Rachael & her equally gorgeous niece, Amelia. Rachael was the first person to ever contact me through this weblog & today I spent the morning with her, her beautiful boys, her sister Sarah & her beautiful girls.

These sisters live cities apart. As do I & my sister. Having children without doubt deepens the bond & understanding between siblings & brings with it a whole new dimension to your relationship.  I know how special this time is when you can be together with your children.



Firsts: School {Family Documentary Portrait Coffs Harbour Sawtell}

A first for him & a first for us.

Much of my reflection in the lead up to our biggest little man starting school has been about how our family dynamic will change now that we will not all be at home together. I’m sad that this time in my life when all my “babies” were close by has come to an end & selfishly, I’m also sad because it means I am getting older too.

I remember being little & feeling like I would never “grow up” & I’m sure our boys feel the same. I just wish I could slow it all down a little bit!!

So here he goes, off into the world…