Baby Makes FOUR! {Pregnancy Family Portrait Coffs Harbour Sawtell}


We have known each other since we were two & we’ve shared loves, losses, hilarious times & lots of beverages. The friendship we have is one of those rare low maintenance ones where we just know that if we ever really need the other she will be there.

Kirsty already has one “baby” but he does shed his coat & break really offensive wind at inappropriate times, Rex that is, not Thane 😉  Rex joined us for some snaps at a place that is very special to his mum as it is the place where a special pandanus was planted in memory of her big brother. I know if he was here he would be so excited that his little sis was starting a (human) family of her own.

I am so happy that she will soon join me in the Mummahood, but mostly I am just super smug that she will now be as sleep deprived as I have been for the last six years 🙂


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