Autumn Sunrise {Sawtell Family Photographer}

This sunrise with the Rowes was one of those gorgeous mornings that snuck through during what was mostly a month of rain & grey skies. The water was warm, the sun was soft & magic & the sand was tasty (apparently). The Rowes are fellow creatives & you can find them here & here doing their thing 🙂

While you’re here>> I have spoken to so many parents (mostly mums) over the last few weeks who have said, “I really want to book in but I’m just going to wait until I *insert thing holding you back here”. I get this & I’m so guilty of it myself but at the same time you know what? I think you’re beautiful, your kids think you’re beautiful, the mess in your house was made by your kids so they probably think that is beautiful too! We are only getting older & so are our kids – time can’t be stopped or reversed & it certainly won’t wait for us to lose a few kg or finish that latest reno project. Get on it!