Bella {film photographer portrait photographer coffs harbour}


Sometimes the stars align & the people, the space & the light all come together. When I shoot for myself I choose to shoot film. There are so many reasons for that but at the root of it I feel more connected to what is in front of me when I’m using film. I’m slowing myself, breathing, re-loading, shooting less/aware of each frame & I know the colours & the grain will make for timeless images. Thank you so much to Bella for hanging out with me & making these images & to my beautiful friend Em for letting us into her then home. Images were shot with a Nikon f6, Contax G2 & a Pentax 645n. Film was all expired & included Kodak Tri-X, Portra 400, Fuji Acros 100 & Kodakekta Color Pro 160.

If you are interested in having yourself, your family or special occasion documented on film drop me a line <3