The Sisters Aboud are pretty damn CRAZY! {Family Sydney}

Visiting my long time friend in Sydney is kind of like being at home with the exception that all the little people are wearing dresses & are not wrestling each other on the floor  🙂  Aleesha & I have known each other since we were toddlers & we had our children not too far apart & with similar age gaps between each. Despite the fact that her lot have a penchant for tutus & mine for Lego there is surprisingly not a great many other differences. Kids are kids, siblings are siblings. They have their own little dynamic: somebody is the leader, somebody is a bit of a perfectionist, somebody is a slob, somebody is affectionate, somebody is a tad nutty, somebody has no fear for their personal safety & somebody is generally without clothes most of the time. This is what makes shooting families, especially siblings so fun!!

My kids love to hang at the beach & to help to mow the lawn whilst Aleesha’s tribe loves their local park & Paddo shops. BUT when they are together they’re just kids being kids. Country Mice & City Mice: equally adorable & equally quirky little folk!

P.S I would be remiss if I did not mention Jazzy, the world’s most tolerant pooch.

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