This is ME (& how I like to shoot)!

Mother to four, wife of photographer David Moore, teacher of high school History & photographer of families & small people. Lover of music, wine, fabulous frocks & the stuff that other people throw away (I live for Council Clean-up)!

I am COMPELLED to use my camera & will always find something to shoot.  I want to document the everyday activities & interactions between people that make them a family. My true desire is to capture individuals the way their loved ones see them. I want to hang out at your house & watch you all cook or go to the beach with you & the dog & have a swim. I want your kids to show me their special little treasures, most likely they will be the things you want to throw out! If you’ve got a baby belly I’m probably going to want to touch it & make completely random guesses about the gender! Our sessions should never feel stressy or rushed – anything you are doing with your loved ones is worth documenting.
If you’d like to hang out & have me catch some memories of your special ones then drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you,

Lee McDonald - Hi Leah,

A few of my friends have had wedding photography done by David and I love his relaxed style and awesome pics.

Just enquiring if you available for a family portrait session? The only chance my fam will get to catch up will be Saturday 27 December 2014?

Not sure if you will be working around this time, but it would be my parents and 3 brothers + 2 partners & 2 grandkids.

Pretty flexible with timing and any suggestions for location we are usually based near Sawtell.

Let me know if any of the above will work for you!



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